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These handmade necklaces, bracelets, pop up cards, shaker cards, and pillow boxes are hand made by my sister Sarah and Me(Rebecca). Please scroll on this page to see the selection of products available or click on the label of a particular product you want to look at. My order info is down below this.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Fall Leaf Necklace.

Name: Fall Leaf Necklace 
Price: $11.00 per necklace
Necklace Length: 23 ¼"
Colors: Orange, Crimson, and Chocolate 
Description: Lobster Clasp, Glass Pearl Beads and Glass Crackle Beads

Spring Flower Necklace

Name: Spring Flower Necklace 
Price: $11.00 per necklace
Necklace Length: 22 ¼"
Colors: Purple, Pink, Olive, Green, Light Blue, Grey, and White 
Description: Lobster Clasp and Glass Pearl Beads